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28" 2" 3"

  • 27 Wooster Street New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

28" 2" 3"

co-curated by Frederique Thiollet and Anna Mista

Opening September 11th 2017 from 6 to 9pm

KATHERINE MAVRIDIS creates garments as abstract, three-dimensional structures, which can exist with or without the body. She examines clothing in their most pure form as abstract ‘tubes’ – taking away a preconceived idea of where these tubes must exist. All clothes – in their most simplified form – are tubes connected to other tubes.
Rupture, shifts, release and the elimination of information are reoccurring sources of inspiration driving her creative exploration. These ‘shifts’ or ‘rips’ symbolize a lived garment - the human touch - life existing within the garment.

In this sculptural installation, Mavridis approaches clothing as a direct response to a feeling rather than a tangible object or idea _ aspiring to sculpture, form and nothingness. She reflects; “My pieces aspire to emptiness - the void; my pieces perhaps exist within the void.”

Influenced by the context of the exhibition, ELLINOR STIGLE explores the notion of individuality and presence through a one channel video installation entitled Nucleus.
The piece seeks to represent the life inside the shell against the backdrop of the meditative pulse of a heart beating. By extracting our natively internal sound current, the very source that define us as living, Stigle seeks to highlight the fact that all human march to their own beat. 
28” 2” 3" This installation was first inspired by a personal fitting with the late Dame Zaha Hadid in March 2016, an avid collector of Katherine Mavridis’ collection. Her understanding of her pieces was evident as she wore them with natural elegance and poise. The title of the installation project 28”, 3” and 2” are measurements from this last fitting.
27 Wooster _ The exhibit is on view through window display from Sept 12 to 30 and can be experienced by appointment only from 4 to 8pm.
The project site implementation is the result of many conversations with EMERY STAAV Real Estate about the brick and mortar landscape and the creation of alternative retail experiences at the intersection of the online and offline worlds _ envisioning new ways of retail implementation and showcasing while keeping the vibrancy of neighborhoods.
The exhibit is also in conjunction with the second annual New York Textile Month.

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