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Designtex X Weaving Hand: Weaving and Sewing Gatherings

  • Designtex 200 Varick Street New York, NY, 10014 United States (map)

Designtex X Weaving Hand: Weaving and Sewing Gatherings

As part of the second annual New York Textile Month, Weaving Hand and Designtex will propose a community oriented weaving event which will shed light on waste produced by the textile industry. The two part event will take place at the Designtex headquarters in SoHo giving visitors a look into how textiles are made through participatory weaving events.

Part 1: The Weaving Gathering, September 06, 2017 4pm-­7pm

The first event called the Weaving Gathering will be set up as a performance art exhibition but function as a community oriented hands-­on weaving event. When visitors enter the studio they will see four floor looms set up in the shape of a circle facing outward. Surrounding the looms on the floor will be piles of Designtex scraps for visitors to weave. Weaving Hand staff will be there to show people how to weave the scraps and provide information about the weaving process. As the weavings are completed we will be placing the textiles into the middle of the circle where the weaving is taking place. This transfer of materials from the outer circle to the inner circle will allow visitors to physically see the process of production. Through this ‘zero waste’ weaving event we hope to provoke visitors to think more critically about how much material is required to produce one textile as well as the waste involved in the products they buy.

We have called these events the Weaving and Sewing Gathering because traditionally weaving and sewing were done in a community environment. The physical craft provided a place for exchanging ideas, techniques, cultures, crafts, communities, and more. We feel that by emulating this type of community we can better help people understand the complexities of the textile industry and as well of the power of collaborative work environments. We look forward to engaging with different communities through the simple joys of hand making.

Click here for the Sewing Gathering