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Kurdish Rugs: A Devotion to Color

  • HEIRLOOM 81 grand St Brooklyn, NY 11249-4123 US (map)

Kurdish Rugs: A Devotion to Color

Heirloom works to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of handmade rugs. We strive to keep this ancient tradition relevant to this generation and the next. We supply rugs to everyone from the sets of feature films to boutique hotels to local New Yorkers.

Please join Zach Zaman and the Heirloom team for an evening celebrating the exquisite craft of Kurdish weaving from Anatolia to Iran. During the evening, Heirloom will have their extensive collection of Kurdish rugs on display and will be offering some snacks and refreshments with a connection to the region. There will also be a short presentation.

While Kurdish peoples inhabit areas mainly from Eastern Anatolia in modern-day Turkey through to Northwestern Iran, they also have smaller numbers in Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Syria. Perhaps due to a lack of national identity, labeling rugs as 'Kurdish' has been lacking in most literature until more recently. With their large geographic spread, they have a great variety of designs and structures, with the most freely designed nomadic rugs to the most minutely drawn and executed city-woven Senneh pieces. The coloring in Kurdish rugs often stands out, as they are renowned for their natural dyeing ability and are able to achieve the most spectacular jewel tones. From the most delicate and fine weave of Senneh pieces to the extraordinarily playful Anatolian village weaves, Kurdish rugs certainly stand out.