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Techno-Love Series At Fridman Gallery

  • Fridman Gallery 287 Spring St. New York, NY USA (map)

Techno-Love Series Fridman Gallery, September 2018

For New York Textile Month, Weaving Hand  will participate by offering workshops for the duration of the month as well as hosting an interactive wearable dance performance towards the middle of September in lower Manhattan. The performance will be a celebratory experience that includes participants of other NYTM events, in addition to creating a fun and engaging atmosphere for everyone involved. During the course of the month, the company will be offering workshops and studio tours as well.

“Techno-Love Series 2018” 

fridman gallery will host a performative series of wearable woven cocoons, Techno-Love Series, an interactive audiovisual exhibit featured in the MAD Museum ( techno-love-series). They are inspired by the experiences of a recent revelatory experience enjoyed by artist Cynthia Alberto at a desert musical festival. The shape and style of the cocoons are meant to mirror the functions of Sensory Pressure Vests, which are weighted vests that are to be placed onto children or individuals who are overly stimulated to weigh them into place. They will be statically placed, but visitors can take them down and wear them on their bodies. The cocoons are built using traditional weaving methods, and utilize recycled rope from another project - MoMA’s 2016 “Weaving the Courtyard” exhibit. On the evening of September 13th, 2018 at 7PM, there will be a choreographed live performance of the pieces in a 20-minute show with electronic music, and a troupe of dancers.

Zakhele Zamisa is a New York-based music producer with a knack for hip-hop, electronic music, and their respective subgenres. He is curating the soundtrack that will serve as the backdrop to Cynthia Alberto’s interactive audiovisual exhibit Techno-Love Series.