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Dosa Inc flyingfishprojects

  • Varick Street New York NY 10013 United States (map)
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flyingfishprojects Christina Kim’s new area of work, one that I have been thinking about for a while. She see it as an extension of dosa but with a focus on individual pieces, limited series, and installations, made at different scales and more fully considered. 

Christina Kim hopes to use my hands more while continuing to collaborate with artisans and artists. her intention is to make work that engages visually and tactilely to communicate ideas, stories, or a point of view. The projects will emphasize work made by hand, guided by intuition, focused on the edges as much as the whole, informed by the process of making, and open to chance and change. She sees flyingfishprojects as non-categorical work, existing somewhere between my design practice and my interest in making art. I will continue with dosa's ethos of making work that is organic, recycled, and off the grid; maintaining a goal of zero waste; and always trying to think outside the box.

The first flyingfishproject, "desert flora from moorten botanical garden in palm springs," are translations, in appliqué and embroidery, of nine sketches made at the garden in 2018. The handwork was done at Devi studio in Kolkata, India, using leftover Jamdani fabric. She was introduced to Moorten while preparing for the exhibit “Scraps” at the Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center. Charmed by the plants and drawn to the spirit and whimsy of the place, I made repeated joy-filled excursions there. 

By appointment only: , 212 431 1733