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Construction; Molly Haynes And William Storms

  • Russel Janis Gallery 292 Manhattan Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11211 United States (map)
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Construction; Molly Haynes And William Storms

Coming to complimentary conclusions, weavers Molly Haynes’ and William Storms’ self-expression at the loom explores contemporary form through a timeless craft. Construction showcases this investigation of woven modernity. Haynes and Storms, having both worked in the Textile Industry, use their technical experience coupled with inventive hand technique to create bodies of work that blur the lines between art, craft and industrial sensibility.

Construction comprises a crossover of tactile artworks on the wall and sculptural rugs displayed as freestanding objects in the round. While both artists retain their own personal aesthetics, the exhibit is unified by an emphasis on exaggerated woven structure and use of unconventional materials: wire, marine rope, clothesline, and deadstock yarns from the Textile Industry. The evidence of experimental hand-manipulation while on the loom is imperative to both practices, revealing the work of an artist, over that of a machine. Restricted color palettes of mainly black and white further assert the materials’ character and modern take on an ancient craft.

Please join us for the opening reception on Friday, September 20th at 6pm. Beverages will be served.

Weekdays by appointment, open Saturdays