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This August and September Les Atelier Courbet will present an exhibition of Japanese textile heritage focusing on the traditions of BORO and AIZOME. While Japanese indigo traditions have traveled and gained wide recognition internationally, the boro textiles have remained an objet of virtu to experts and collectors who appreciate the layered and historical value of these Indigo patchwork pieces.

Throughout Edo period (1603 - 1868), strict social codes and signs of distinctions were conveyed by Japanese garments and the composition of their textiles. Silk for instance was restricted to privileged samurai class families. Cotton was expensive and therefore a sign of social class distinction. It was deemed appropriate that the other classes should wear very simple, durable clothes, made of hemp and other indigenous Japanese plant fibers in dark colors, many in blue. The majority of ordinary people wore clothing made of hemp, which was dyed in Japanese indigo. Fabrics in this era were precious. Women patched and mended garments for their families with any scraps of fabric they could afford — from futon covers, furoshiki (wrapping cloth) to noragi (work coat). These would be passed down to the next generation. These heavily patched "boro" pieces, made of pure necessity and used over decades, contain unintended beauty. The layered patchwork represents layers if historical and social information, giving priceless value to the non-precious textile.

We have collaborated with Sayaka Toyama of Curious Corners and Japanese textile expert, Stephen Szczepanek to bring together a selection of sought-after antique boro textiles of museum-quality.

Along with the antique boro textile pieces, Les Ateliers Courbet will unveil Kofu, a new Indigo Bedding and Linen Collection developed in partnership with Mrs Toyama. 


Friday, September 16th (RESERVE)
Saturday, September 17th (RESERVE)


Join the indigo farmers-dyers of BUAISOU visiting from Japan. We will reconstitute a traditional Indigo shop with Sukumo vats. Select your square scarf from the Shibori and Itajime textiles brought from Japan by the team and join us to experience the indigo dying process.

PACKAGES (Ltd to 15/day)

Select your square and dye your own 1 Shibori or 1 Itajime in the Sukumo / Indigo Vat $80

Tel: (212) 226-7378

Photo Courtesy of Yukiko Koide Presents.