Daphne Reuver / Universty of Applied Science, Humburg

Daphne Reuver

Raw wool from traditional sheep breeds is not high in demand in global trade. Due to rising consumer expectations regarding the softness of a material, coarse wool from German sheep breeds is not able to keep up with the global competition. Therefore, many of the local breeds face extinction. The aim of my project ‘The potential of local raw wool’ is to showcase the value of the local raw wool and to reveal its qualities to inspire designers, consumers and businesses to use and perceive the material. To help achieving this goal, insights into the coarse wool manufacturing process is provided, covering all steps from shearing, washing, over carding all the way to processing the textile. With the wet- and needle felting technique the raw wool is then shaped into three dimensional objects, reflecting the origin and value of the material. The form of wool clothing refers thereby to the sustainable wool dress of the sheep.