Mi Zhou / Central St Martin

Mi Zhou

In this project, I was exploring the relationship between shapes and shadows I found in Majorelle garden located in Marrakech. By focusing on create innovative textile surface, I was using interdisciplinary approach, from dying,vinyl print, upholstery, tufting to laser cut, embroidery, I was try to find the balance between the contrast of materials and techniques to create a series of multi-purpose work for interior space including wall coverings, rugs and furnishings. The world we live is built by silent materials, tested and combined with different qualities of materials, and this has always interested me. I combined wide range of hard and soft, 2D and 3D materials to achieve the functionality of my textiles pieces. Instead of started my primary research by drawing, I began by creating my own material shapes and scenes, observing and photographing them under different environment to build my own original ideas.